Life is a series of short stories pretending to be a novel

Life is a series of short storiesWelcome to The Story Player.

The Story Player aims to be the online home of audio stories. The stories on The Story Player are available to listen to via the website, and can also be downloaded to PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets, and shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

This pilot phase of The Story Player will bring you 16 short stories between November 1st and December 20th 2013. During this time, we’ll be spreading the word about The Story Player and making preparations for 2014, when we hope to launch as a year-round audio story website, commissioning content from a number of independent producers.

Please sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with our progress. And if you would like to donate to or sponsor The Story Player, you can do so by clicking on the links from the “Support Us” link at the top of this page.

Happy listening!

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